Ernest Borel Cocktail® Watches

Empressissi™offers you an eclectic selection of vintage Ernest Borel Cocktail®. The series which was invented in the early 50s was first introduced in 1954. The  constantly moving kaleidoscope dial has a mesmerizing effect, though its secret is pretty simple. Two clear plastic discs with the same geometric pattern are mounted underneath the crystal. One is fixed and serves as the minute hand, the other is mounted on a center pinion  that  normally  functions to turn the movement’s sweep second  hand. When the free-mounted disc turns and its pattern juxtaposes itself against the static disc, it creates a moving kaleidoscope effect. 

Several patterns, tones and case shapes were made through the 50s and 60s. These designs made the Borel Cocktail® watch one of the most iconic ladies Swiss watches of the era.

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