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Do these watches actually work and do they keep time?
YES! All the watches we sell, unless specifically stated to the contrary, are working, serviced and keeping good vintage time. When we refer to 'good timekeeping' as common standard in the vintage market, it means the watch can be expected to keep time to accuracy of +/- 20 seconds or better over 24 hours. Vintage watches may probably not be used in the timing of the Olympics nowadays but they are excellent timekeepers when it comes to simple daily tasks.

Can I wear the watch daily?
YES. These watches are made to tell the time and to serve you loyally and can be used on a daily basis. However, it is important to remember several factors:
First, manual wind watches need to be wound once a day and automatic watches like these must be wound when they are used for the first time. Secondly, these items are delicate mechanical timepieces and they are sensitive to shocks. Therefore extra caution is expected when wearing them on a regular basis. Lastly, none of these watches is guaranteed waterproof and there is no guarantee against water damage.

Are these vintage watches really small?
Looking from a contemporary perspective, there are similar evolution lines to cellphones; the first examples were large, heavy and primitive in design (equivalent to pocket watches). Then began a stage where manufacturers minimized the size and thickness of the phone to prove nano-technological achievements, until the watches were so small they were almost uncomfortable to hold (equivalent to the 1920s-1950s wrist watches). Then in the last and current stage in the evolution of cellphones as we know it today, technology has reached its relative peak and mostly focuses on gadgets and connectivity via a large, impressive screen.

So yes, in most cases, older watches are smaller than today's standards. Some 1940s gents’ watches would look like today's medium size ladies’ watches. Movement towards smaller pieces meant a more sophisticated mass production mechanical achievement and the fashion and social trends of the mid 20th century had no issue with a modestly sized watch.

Each watch we sell has its specific measurements listed as part of the description. If you are not familiar with vintage watches, we suggest you take a moment to study those measurements and their meaning before you proceed with your purchase in order to avoid disappointment once the watch arrives. For your convenience, we created a reference guide to help you get a better idea about the actual size of the watch. Please download this reference guide and print it in actual size to get a better idea of what to expect.

I am not an expert; how can I be sure that the items you sell are authentic?
Timepiece Ltd. is a world expert in vintage watches and we know how to spot a fake from a mile away. All large insurance companies in Israel rely on our appraisals for exotic timepieces and we sometimes find ourselves asked to give testimony in the civil court, in our role as nominated experts. We therefore guarantee that all of the vintage watches we offer are authentic and in the exact condition as described in each sale or your money back. If you have any questions about any item or any part of the purchase process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For obvious reasons, most of the items we purchase come without the original documentation and/or boxes. As a result, we are pleased to issue a free of charge certificate of authenticity for any single watch purchased with value of $US 1,000.00 or above. Should you require a certificate of authenticity for your records and/or for insurance purposes, please indicate your request in the 'remarks to seller' field during checkout.

Your watches are amazing but who are you? Do you have any testimonials or feedback from other buyers so I can purchase with confidence?
Our online shop is indeed relatively new and was opened in the summer of 2017. However, we are also selling on ebay since 2010 with a solid reputation and 100% positive feedback. You are welcome to visit our ebay feedback page to learn more what our customers think about our service and products. So we are relatively new in this independent platform but we certainly didn't start selling vintage watches yesterday!

Empressissi offers a 30 day unconditional return policy for all watches and that also covers buyer's remorse as well. There are no questions asked (unless you feel we should know). However, before shipping anything back, please contact us in order to receive our return-mailing instructions and address. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information about returns, how they work and how we issue refunds.

Are the prices of the items you sell negotiable?
The items are priced to sell and their price is final. Our business model is based on selling products to the end user, thus at wholesale prices. All the items you see in our online shop would cost at least 50% more if they were to be purchased in a physical store. On the one hand we earn less than we could have earned if we had a shop you could walk into, but on the other hand having all restoration capabilities in-house allows us to control the price of the whole restoration process without relying on third party services, plus we do not need to deal with the associated hassle and overhead costs.

Using our Shopify-based independent platform allows us to offer you the most competitive price for each item by dispensing with the need to pay any third party and passing the savings on to you.

I am a new collector and I have some more questions/concerns.
Feel free to drop us a line!
We offer free of charge consultations on a regular basis to many watch collectors who wish to draw on our experience and will be happy to help you set up your collection.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your watches?
We offer a 30 day warranty on all watches and mechanical parts. For more information, please visit the Terms & Conditions page located under the 'Information' menu where you will find more details regarding the sale process, your warranty, returns and refunds.

What kind of experience do you have shipping delicate horological items worldwide?

Timepiece Ltd. has been in the business of the sale and restoration of vintage timepieces since 2010. As of April 2022 we have, over the years, sold over 5,400 different watches to various locations around the world with very few problems.

We have had a good and reliable service from DHL and this is our preferred courier. Their dedicated couriers will pick up your watches from our office and get your fully insured purchase to your door in the shortest possible time.

What can I expect to receive with the watch and does it come in a gift box?
We ship the watches rolled in padded material inside a padded envelope or a box (depending on the type of item), which is then inside a DHL service bag. Together with your watch there will be a leaflet with some useful tips about mechanical watches. Unless specifically stated in the item's description, the watches do not include any original box and/or papers. In order to offer a competitive shipping fee, we generally ship items without a gift box either. Should you require a gift box for a single item, please indicate it in the 'remarks to seller' field during checkout and we will be happy to send your item in a standard black gift box free of charge.

Please note however, if you purchase and ship more than one item in a single shipment and require gift boxes, the size/volume of the package may increase and as a result the price of shipping may vary; we will advise you of any change in costs by email after checkout has been completed.

What forms of payment can I use?

At the moment we are working with PAYPAL. Paypal allows you to securely pay with all major credit cards through a simple checkout procedure linked to our shop with no additional fees on your side.
For orders in excess of $1,500 US we can also offer bank details for a wire transfer.

What other costs should I take into consideration when importing a watch?
Based on our knowledge and experience, we have managed to create some simple rules of thumb which apply to the majority of our customers depending on the country of destination. Please remember this information serves as a simple guideline and by no means should it be considered as legal advice. Responsibility to check for any requirements and applicable fees when importing goods from a foreign country lies solely with the customer.

American/Australian/Japanese customers:
The shipping fee we charge covers courier service and insurance from our door to yours. There are no further fees, taxes or any other related costs for items with a declared value of: up to $750.00 US for Americans/Australians/Japanese. For items of a higher value, you may expect a delay of several days in delivery and customers may be required to pay a certain amount of duty.

Please consult with us if you need further information.

EU/UK/Canadian/Singaporean Customers:
The shipping fee we charge covers courier service and insurance from our door to yours. There is no tax imposed on horological items, however you may be required to pay VAT/GST above a certain tier, normally equivalent to $100US. In some locations there will also be a small 'processing fee' that DHL charges for the handling of paperwork should the product be inspected by Customs.

Please consult with us if you need further information.

Israeli customers:
The majority of our customers (above 90%) are of foreign origin. Therefore the prices shown on the website are export oriented and quoted without VAT. During checkout, if your shipping address is in Israel, VAT will be added to your purchase as required by law, and a commercial invoice (חשבונית מס) will be attached to your purchase.

Other Foreign Customers:
The shipping fee we charge covers courier service and insurance from our door to yours. Depending on your location, items may be inspected by Customs and various VAT/Taxes/Fees may apply. We suggest you check what to expect when importing horological items with your local Customs authority.

For your kind reference, the watches are exported as harmonized code/HS Tariff 9102 .

Please keep in mind that in the event of a customs inspection resulting in request for payment of fees/duties, the responsibility for the payment will be on you, the buyer. A refusal to pay any fees/taxes associated with the merchandise will result in a reversal of the package back to us. This reversal service is not free of charge; a shipping/service fee of 65-100$ will be imposed on us by DHL and as a result, it will be deducted from your refund in order to cover these expenses. When you make a purchase in our shop, you hereby agree to these terms.

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