Shipping Costs

During the recent years we have had a good and reliable service from DHL and this is our preferred courier. Their dedicated couriers will pick up your watches from our office and get your fully insured purchase to your door in the shortest possible time.

Since all the items we sell are relatively small and light, the major factor in the shipping price of vintage watches is the insured value. Items valued up to 750.00 $US will ship to your door for 24.00 - 50.00 $US  and more expensive items will ship to your door for 35.00 - 75.00 $US - both depending on your location. To get an exact shipping quote, simply add the item(s) to your cart and proceed with checkout, filling in your country of destination.

Please keep in mind the shipping fee covers the delivery of the item fully insured from our premises to your door (also known as INCOTERMS: DAP); it does not cover any taxes or fees imposed by your government once it arrives at the destination port. For further information, please see our FAQ or feel free to consult with us.

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us or leave us a message through the chat icon on the bottom right side of the site, or email us at: .

 If you are contacting us about an item in our shop, please include a link to the item's page.

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