About Us

Empressissi™, in tribute to Empress Sissi as an icon of style and elegance, is a trademark of Timepiece Ltd., established in 2010. Timepiece Ltd. is a privately owned company, dedicated to the professional restoration and sales of vintage watches to customers around the world.

Empressissi visits Philippe Dufour Atelier

The company was founded by Mr. Tal Ben-Shlomo, a watchmaker with background in industrial design and expert in horological restoration, shown in the photo above (left) with legendary master watchmaker Mr. Philippe Dufour, discussing the 'Simplicity' watch Nr. 00 in a visit to his atelier in Le Solliat, Switzerland.

Timepiece Ltd. specializes in Swiss and American, mechanical only watches, from 1900 to 1970 – ladies’, gents’, chronographs and pocket watches. Our eclectic selection includes a variety of fine timepieces, in particular dress watches. All the watches on sale in our shop are unique items, fully serviced and ready to wear. 

Our workshop is located in the center of Israel, just between Tel-Aviv and Haifa, and is one of a kind not only in Israel but is also a unique workshop on a global scale; fully equipped with original and rare horological machinery and tools, combined with manual craftsmanship and know-how and assisted by state of the art modern technology, we offer you the finest historic timepieces, either fully original or restored to their former glory, and to the best possible standards.

Our ebay shop under the name 'empressissi' is known to many collectors and dealers of vintage watches around the world, and is one of the oldest and most reputable vintage watches shops on ebay, operating since 2008, with a positive feedback of 100% in over 3,500 successful transactions.

ith our current stand-alone Shopify platform here at empress.cc, we are able to offer our customers the same unique watches and many more at much affordable prices; we keep all available inventory up to date at empress.cc and update our database on a regular basis with new items.

We invite you to browse our collection, whether as a new vintage watches enthusiast, an avid collector or a repeat customer.

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